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Dual power supply circuit using a High-precision data acquisition system using ADuC824 chip

Published on Nov 15 2010 // Data Acquisition Circuits

Dual power supply circuit using a High precision data acquisition system using ADuC824 chip

ADuC824 chip high-precision data acquisition system dual power supply circuit. The circuit components used is ADuC824

ADuC824’s analog supply side (AVDD) and digital power supply terminal (DVDD) are mutually independent, it can avoid the analog circuit digital signal by the DVDD power line interference. Therefore, it allows each to AVDD, DVDD power supply and uses a different supply voltage. For example, the system can be designed to AVDD voltage of +5 V, and DVDD to +3 V. A typical dual-power supply circuit as shown. First, the analog power supply and AGND, DGND Digital power and between, respectively, then use a 10μF electrolytic capacitor filter; then pin AVDD, DVDD pin with the respective ground and then were used to eliminate noise in a parallel 0.1μF capacitor; Finally, AGND, DGND same to the system ground reference point. The length of all connections should be as short as possible.