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Control circuit for DC motor using KJZ12 SCR

Published on Oct 25 2010 // Power Amplifier Circuits

Control circuit fo DC motor using KJZ12 SCR

KJZl2 mainly used in high power DC motor, reversible system forward and backward SCR trigger control. And regulation supporting the use of protective plate KSAF may constitute a multi-function, high performance, non-circulation system. Also supporting the use of other regulators to form different performance and different requirements of other systems. The board has the following characteristics: a. Add a filter network synchronization client, less susceptible to interference power waveform distortion. b. Just three simultaneous voltage and can be easily matched with the system. C. Output pulse train-like double pulse, small pulse transformer, the pulse width for a variety of single pulse transformer can be used. d. The use of a specially designed KJ004, KJ001, KJ042 and F741 integrated circuits, control panels, small size, adjustment and easy maintenance. e. The board added a part of the logic switch and interlock delay and high reliability. Electrical parameters: AC synchronous voltage: three-phase 380/30 A / Yll. The board has the RC filter network, phase lag 30 °, and ? / Yll phase lead 30 °. So this connection precisely synchronized. Synchronous Current :2-3mA (RMS). If the sync voltage deviation from the 30V too, must want to change resistor R31, such as, R37, to ensure the synchronization current. Phase voltage: 0 ~ 8V. Output pulses: pulse train modulated, double-narrow pulse. Pulse width of about 750µs. Pulse train frequency: 5 ~ 10kHz. Output stage allows the load current (absorption): = 800mA. Pulse edge = 1µs. Power supply voltage: Vcc (15V ± 5V)%, VEE-(15V 5V)%, Icc = 300mA, IEE = 100mA. Allows the use of ambient temperature:-l0 ~ 70