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Casio serial communication circuit

Published on Oct 27 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

Casio serial communication  circuit

Once on the remote control by computer programming is very interested in digital cameras, but Canon, Olympus products, open communication protocols do not need to use special SDK, which SDK has very strict control, not easy to get. Casio QV series digital cameras use a serial control, open communication protocol, but the serial communication line is not easy to buy, long before the Internet was retrieved by a simple circuit element did one, was not successful.

Retrieval of information a few days ago, and occasionally to retrieve the serial communication lines Casio produced another circuit. This circuit is believed by the United States dedicated RS232 IC, should be reliable, so he caused the programming of interest, over the weekend to buy the component (a total of a dozen or so dollars) to do a, a try, really good. Circuit as follows:

Less demanding on the capacitor, 1-10µf can.

Intention is to compile a real-time viewing, automatic shoot, automatically download the program, but only a simulation of the protocol open button operating instructions, complete the shooting operation is a simple process, and quickly write and debug well, including the original TIFF files hidden format and full manual mode. However, the signal from the camera is difficult to read, and because they do not know the USB protocol, as if, like other similar software, go online to copy files from the CF card to dumb, if users know the information in this regard, please advise .

There is a table because the hand QV3000, to press it a name, for other types of camera button functions will be different, next weekend if you have time to add another camera control and timer shooting function.