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Automatic musical fountain opening and cloasing with human sesnor

Published on Mar 02 2011 // 555 based general circuits

Automatic musical fountain opening and cloasing with human sesnor.

Gold sensor chip crumbs and soup effect of M pipe vT n (3U6) to form a sensor switch. When someone close to the M films, vT, the Transfer, source resistance larger question than the potential of l 2 feet low (test ten vM), was set to 555 high-potential, relay K pull its Transmitted by the disconnect contact closure, special water pump motor connected to the power supply, water fountain start. Music integrated circuit is triggered at the same time Fat and giving off a sweet song. 555 and R3, c2, etc. to form a monostable trigger circuit, the duration of temporary stability td; 1.1R, c2 Icon parameter gives the transient stability time of 60 seconds. That people falling into the water, water left turn off automatically after 1 minute.
    Ic 2 with music IC KD-482, its memory is 12 songs of the main theme of the world, come to each approached the sensor chip M, in the water at the same time, they play the song a sweet sound, and each time the trigger, transform a piece of music. KD-482 single Key sequence, almost fool-fat high-power (D RIG) way. Its typical operating voltage v concave; 3V, so the circuit will be 555 of the rut out by R d, Dw (2Cw51) after the voltage supply regulator circuit. Usually, K2L482 minimal power consumption, and its quiescent current of about 1pA.
    Figure in the full bridge rectifier bridge rectifier used lA/50v module, or use four 1N400l lap into the bridge rectifier And the relay K shell x-IoF type used in power relays, the contact capacity 220vloA, to ensure the use of pumping water fountain Motivation load capacity, reliable contact IC * Music can also choose other types of chips, supply voltage and trigger attention Way.