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ASK 315 MHz Hybrid transceiver circuit -TR3001

Published on Jul 24 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits

TR3001 00K-ASK 315 MHz transceiver

TR3001 is a single-chip RF Monolithies launched OOK / ASK transceiver chip . It is suitable for high stability , small size , low power, low-cost ,short-range wireless data communications and wireless control applications . The main technical features are as follows : * Work frequency 315.00 MHz;* Can be received and transmitted digital OOK / ASK signal ; * OOK data rates up to l9.2 Kb / s; * ASK data transmission rate up to ll5.2 Kb / s;* receiver sensitivity is -l00 dBm; *power supply voltage For the 2.7 ~ 3.5 V; *receiving mode current l.8 mA; * launch mode output power 1.25 mW; * sleep mode current is 5µA; The main application of the circuit is short-range wireless data applications.

For more details about this circuit, download its datasheet in the datasheet tab of this site.