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Aeration tank timer circuit

Published on Apr 21 2011 // Water level control circuits

Now, many people there are like fish, I think the following things may be used. The thing is I went to friend’s house to play when it wants to see something similar one. My friend’s fish tank is not a lot of fish, not a succession of oxygenator, and he too lazy to switch off every day to open the oxygenator, so she bought something so similar. He also wants one, I help him do one.

 Aeration tank timer circuit

Circuit principle:
Circuit and simple, are mainly controlled by microcontroller AT89C2051. 220-volt AC power circuit through the transformer step-down, full-bridge rectifier, C5, C6 filter, three-terminal voltage regulator 7805 and the C7, C8 filter, a microcontroller to provide a stable 5 volt power supply. LED2 is used to indicate the power status of the circuit. LED1 to indicate the oxygenator is working, when the oxygenator work LED1 light. S1 is used for circuit reset, when the microcontroller hangs due to interference can be reset by clicking S1. S2 open oxygenator used to set the time, the time can be set from 1 to 29 minutes, S3 does not work for setting oxygenator interval, the time can be set from 1 to 5 hours, S4 is used to display the set time.

 Aeration tank timer circuit 1