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A single chip circuit for IR serial communication interface

Published on Oct 29 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

A single chip for IR serial communication interface circuit

Abstract: The basic working principle of infrared communication; combined in a single-phase watt-hour meter reading system in the specific application, we introduce a single chip system for the infrared communication scheme, the design of specific hardware interface circuit, indicating that its working principle Infrared communication procedures used in the process, and pointed out that in the implementation process should pay attention to some problems.

  In many microcomputer application systems, often using non-electrical signals (such as optical signals, ultrasonic signals, etc.) to send control information and data information in order to achieve remote control or telemetry functions. For example, in the single-phase watt-hour meter reading system, is the use of hand-held meter reading device by remote control means to complete transcriptions consumption meter, set the table base, meter timing and so on. Infrared communication with the control is simple, easy to implement, transmission and high reliability, is a more common means of communication. SCM system with infrared infrared communication is the key to the design of the interface circuit and interface design of the driver.
  1, the basic principles of infrared communication
  Infrared communication is the use of near infrared 950nm infrared as the transmission of information media, that communication channel. When the sender using pulse modulation (PPM) approach, the binary digital signal into a frequency modulated pulse train, and drive the infrared emission control in the form of light pulses sent; receiver will receive the pulse of light into electrical signals, After further amplification, filtering, demodulation circuit after demodulation to give, after reduction to a binary digital signal output.