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Small generator controller circuit

Published on Sep 13 2010 // Electrical Circuits

Small generators controller circuit 2

This example describes a small generator and network controller circuit , with six incandescent bulbs for indicator grid . When the generator voltage , frequency and phase sequence and phase of the grid are the same, 6 bulbs all off, and auto- completion and net work . Circuit works The small generators and network controller circuit consists of a detector circuit, power circuit and control the implementation of the circuit , as shown in Figure 5-168 . Detector circuit consists of a light bulb HLI-HL6, diode VDl-VDl2, resistors Rl-R3, optical devices VLCl-VLC3 corner joint component . Control the implementation of the circuit by the resistor R4, capacitor Cl, diode VDl3, voltage regulator diode VS, transistor V, Relay and contactor KM K composition . Power circuit from the power transformer T, rectifier bridge pile UR, filter capacitor C2 and the three-terminal regulator integrated circuit IC. Generators W, N terminal voltage between the output of AC 220V step-down by T , UR rectifier , C2 filter and IC regulator , in order to control the implementation of the circuit provides + l2V voltage. In the generator output voltage , frequency, phase sequence and phase do not correspond with the grid , HLl-H calendar application will have light bulbs lit , VLCl-VLC3 in a light condensation device will turn to the positive terminal for the low Cl Level , VS and V cut-off , K and KM are in the release of state , and net work can not be completed . As long as the three-phase power in a phase detection circuit in the lamp light , K is unable to pull . When the generator output voltage frequency, phase sequence and phase of the grid are the same , HLl-H Chen are off , Rl-R3 on the voltage dropped to O, VLCl-VLC3 are closed , C1 positive terminal becomes high , VS breakdown conduction , so that V saturated conduction , K Pull , BU ‘s normally open contact connected to KM Power pull , KM of the normally open contact KMl and KM2 connected to KM from the lock , ” the completion of the generating units and the net work; while the normally closed contact KM3 KM release , will control the implementation of the circuit work For the power cut off . HL1-HL6 in the circuit from the role of blood pressure and instructions . And network operation, should regulate the internal combustion engine (or turbine ) speed and generator excitation to generator output voltage , frequency, phase sequence and phase with the grid line . Components Selection Rl-R3 are selected lW metal film resistors ; R4 selected 1/4W metal film resistors . Cl and C2 are selected electrolytic capacitors , Cl ‘s voltage value of 16V, C2 of the voltage value of 25V. VDl-VDl3 1N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes are used . VS selected 1/2W, 7.5 V for silicon voltage regulator diodes . V use C8050 or S8050, 3DG8050 silicon NPN transistor . lC use LM7812 -type three-terminal regulator IC . K selected JRX-l3F type , l2V DC relays . KM use 220V AC coil voltage contactors, the contact group and the generator capacity should be based on rational use of the power load . VLCl-VLC3 use 4N25 or 4N26 -type optocouplers .