Pulse triggering component  Circuit Diagram based on  SCR KCZ3

KCZ3 integrated three-pulse thyristor trigger components mainly used in three-phase half controlled bridge converter trigger. Output pulse of each phase can be reliably drive a high-power thyristor has to adapt to a variety of phase voltage, synchronous and simple way. Electrical parameters are as follows: phase control voltage: 0 ~ 8v (variable on request). Phase shift range: = l70 °. Synchronous voltage: l0V (RMS) phase voltage. 30V, increase Rl2, R22, R32. Output stage allows the load current: 300mA. Pulse edge = lµs. Power supply: DC 15V,-l5V, allowing fluctuations ± 5%. Supply Current: 15V Current = 50mA,-l5V current = 10mA (not including the output level). Allows the use of ambient temperature:-l0 ~ 70 ?.