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FM based walkie-talkie circuit

Published on Feb 06 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits


C36 double-conversion wireless walkie-talkie circuit

It is a wireless Walkie-Talkie circuit. It is used to talk within 500meters. The circuit operates at a FM frequency, and so, it gains the name FM radio walkie-talkie. It is a single channel Walkie talkie, either the user can talk or hear alone at a time. The user can talk by pressing the PTT switch. The main components of the circuit are: the IC’s LM386 and MC3361. The IC LM386 is a audio power amplifier, which amplifies the received voice and sends it to the speaker. The IC MC3361 is a Narrowband FM IC, which is the cause to generate signals in FM.The IC MC3361 is a powerful IC, which also includes an Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch.The IC3 is a six volt regulator IC.

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