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Eggs hatch incubator circuit 1

Published on Mar 10 2011 // Cultivation circuits

Eggs hatch incubator 1
The cases described in egg hatching incubators, with low power consumption (power 75-150W), high reliability, one can hatch 500 eggs can be used for small-scale hatcheries, hatching eggs or family.

Eggs hatch incubator circuit 1.
Circuit works
The eggs hatch incubator circuit consists of a power supply circuit, temperature measurement and control circuitry and instructions for the circuit composition, as shown in Figure 4-4.Power circuit from the power switch S, the power transformer T, rectifier diode VDl-VD4 and filter capacitor C integral.
Temperature detection control circuit from the electrical contact thermometer Q, resistor Rl, transistor V, Relay K, diodes VD5, thyristor VT1, VT2 and fan motor M composed.
Directed circuit consists of resistors R2, R3, and neon lights HLl, HL2 composition.
Connected to S, the fan motor M rotate, AC 220V voltage by the T Buck, VDl-VD4 filtered rectifier, and C for K and V consisting of relay driver circuit provides 9V DC voltage. Meanwhile, the indicator light lit HL2.
Has just switched on, the thermostat controlled the temperature boxes below the Q-set temperature, Q the internal temperature of contact in a disconnected state, V is cut-off state, K is the release of the state, K connected to the normally closed contacts, so that VTl and VT2, respectively alternating positive and negative half-week, alternately on-and cut-off, electric heater EH electricity began to heat, so that the temperature gradually increased, while HLl pointLiang, HL2 extinguished.
When the controlled temperature rise to above set temperature, Q the internal temperature of contacts connected to V conduction, K Pick, K closed the regular contacts disconnect, VTl and VT2 had zero cut-off in the AC, EH power failure stopped heating, HLl out, HL2 lit. EH after the blackout began, the temperature began to decline slowly when the temperature dropped below the set temperature, Q the internal temperature has broken contact, V cut-off, K release, VTl and VT2 has alternately turn, EH electricity working again. This process cycle to repeat, so that controlled the temperature constant at the set temperature.
Hatching incubator box for the two-tier wooden structure, and external dimensions 1000mmx98Ommx680mm, double wooden planks for the 30mm thick insulation between the layers (with foam or rock wool, cotton and other thermal insulation), box set up multi-egg plate. The appropriate place in the incubator fans were installed to ensure that when the fan running continuously inhale fresh air. Electric heater should be installed in front of the fan leaves.
To ensure that the boxes have a certain moisture, stubble or Xiangdi the fan should be placed in front of a basin of clean warm water.
Component selection
Rl-R3 are selected 1/4W metal film resistors.
C use a value of 25V voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
VDl-VD5 use 1N4004 or a 1N4007 type rectifier diodes.
V use 3DGI2 or 3DG805O, C8050, S8050 silicon NPN transistor.
VTl and VT2 were chosen 3A, 600V thyristor.
HLl and HU both use an ordinary neon lights.
T use 3-5W, the second voltage of 9V power transformer.
K selected JRX-l3F or 4098-type 9V DC relays.
M selected f15cm, 220V fan motors communication devices, such as the BY model.
Q selected BWG-type O-50 electric contact thermometer.
S selection 6A, 220V power switch.