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6-channel correlator circuit based on GP1020

Published on Jul 15 2010 // GPS Receiver Circuits

GPl020 is a 6-channel CMOS digital correlator, which can also act as GPl010 L1 channel converter or other integrated circuit combination. It is used to intercept and track the GPS C / A code or GLONASS code. GPl020 6 Ge channels include: independent digital down-conversion to the baseband processing circuit, C / A code generator, correlator and accumulate dump registers. GPl020 through a 16-bit data bus and a microprocessor interface, using a different on-chip registers control the acquisition and tracking process. Input multiplexer front-end for a variety of GPS and GLONASS front-end, allowing the antenna are different. Supply voltage 5v, power consumption is less than 500mW, with 120L MQFP package, package size 28mm × 28mm × 3.4mm, suitable for GPS or GLONASS navigation system, highly integrated GPS receiver, GPS measuring receiver, GPS time-base applications.

Based on GPl020 6-channel correlator circuit1