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555 based automatic watering controller circuit for bean sprouts

Published on Apr 21 2011 // Water level control circuits

Automatic watering shown control circuit for the bean sprouts. The controller consists of step-down circuit, power this device (IC3), timing control circuit (IC1), the temperature control circuit (IC2) and so on. One buck rectifier circuit for the entire controller VDD=7V DC voltage.
Power this mainly consists of IC3 and R3, R4, C5 and other components of the multivibrator control. Close the switch K1, when the power cut, the relay J1 release, contact J1-1 closed, IC3 vibration due to get electricity into the sky, the oscillation frequency is about 1000Hz, the output signal driving the speaker sound to inform the owner of a power cut.
Timing control circuit consists of IC1 (555) and BG1, C2, R1, W1 etc.. Click the switch to AN, the BG1 pipe conduction, 555 due to the reset pin is high the output pin low and added to the IC2 (555) of the reset terminal, forced IC2 reset. BG1 launch by the corresponding node C2, R1, W1 for discharge, when the so IC1 C2 discharge to the foot when the potential is lower than 1/3VDD, IC1 set occurs, pin output high, regular time. IC2 pin was also due to in business while waiting for a trigger level of the state.
Of the IC2 and W2, W3, W4, consisting of thermistor Rt temperature control trigger circuit, when the temperature rises, Rt resistance decreased, BG2 C-polar potential drop accordingly, the moment down to the low level foot IC2 in 1/3VDD, the 555 set occurs, feet high output J2 pull the relay, so that the water machine connected to the solenoid valve voltage, the bean sprouts to water cooling. Since then, as the temperature decreases, Rt resistance increases, BG2 of the increase in C a very potential, when the potential rose to 555 feet higher than the 2/3VDD time, IC2 reset, the output pin low so that the release of relay J2 , so that the water is stopped watering. This cycle, the temperature control of the growth of sprouts in the appropriate environment.
The controller can be realized in the use of raw bean sprouts when steroid hormones play a role in the provisions of liquid concentrations within 3 hours of automatic watering, and bean sprouts grow automatically to maintain a temperature range of the best.

555 based automatic watering controller circuit for bean sprouts.