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5.8 GHz Transceiver circuit ( FSK) based on ML5800

Published on Jul 27 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits

Figure shows the circuit of ML5800, a 5.8 GHz transceiver. The ML5800 is a high integration 5.8GHz Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) transceiver that integrates all frequency generation, receive, and transmit functions required to realize a digital cordless telephone. Only a power amplifier (PA) and antenna switch are required to form a complete 5.8GHz digital radio. The ML5800 operates in the 5.725 to 5.850 GHz unlicensed ISM band. It can be used to implement both Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radios. ML5800 for digital cordless phones, wireless audio signal transmission, and wireless signal transmission area of video compression . The main technical characteristics are as follows : * FSK modulation / demodulation ; * Data transfer rate l.536 Mb / s; · sensitivity is -l03 dBm ( typical) ; * output power 0 dBm ( typical) ; * cCip Can be calibrated voltage 2.7 ~ 3.6 V; * simple 3 -wire control interface , analog signal strength indicator output .

It can work in the applications such as: Digital Cordless Telephones, Wireless Streaming Audio and Video, Game Controllers, High-speed Data Links etc.