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1900-1800 MHz Transceiver circuit-UAA2067G-I-Q channels

Published on Jul 24 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits

UAA2067G I-Q l900-1800 MHz Transceiver

UAA2067G is designed for wireless communications (DECT) system designed for portable base station transceivers , primarily for the 1880 ~ 1930 MHz DECT portable devices and TDMA systems . The main technical features are as follows : * Working frequency -l800 ~ 1900 MHz; Input sensitivity is -93 dBm; Emission output power 0 ~ 3 dBm; Power supply is 3 ~ 3.6 V; Receive current of 36 mA, Emission current -l5 mA, Low- power mode current of 10µA ( typical) ; Receive and fired a pair of orthogonal image rejection mixer ( below belt) .

The main advantage sof this circuit are: Two IF combines to give intermediate IF frequency through image rejection, Good buffered high frequency, Also good buffered low frequency VCo signal, 33 dBc of image rejection in the single-sideband up-conversion mixer.