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1.9-2.5 GHz transceiver circuit-T2801DECT

Published on Jul 24 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits

T2801-T2802 DECT-WDECT l.9-2.5 GHz transceiver

T2801 is RF IC which suits to loe power applications. It mainly find its application in 1881 ~ 1934 MHz ISM band transceivers . The main technical features are as follows : * Supply voltage 3.2 ~ 4.6 V; · auxiliary chip voltage regulator 3 ~ 4.6 V; · launch driver amplifier output power of 3 dBm; · to receive current of 85 mA, the emission current of 54 mA, standby current l0µA; · supports multiple reference clock frequencies (10.368/13.824/20.736/27.648 MHz); It does not require mechanical tuning. The main componeents includes: Image rejection mixer, IF amplifier, FM demodulator, Base band filter, RSSI etc.